Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Types of Animal Cruelty

With all the animal abuse taking place today, there are a countless amount of things that can be counted as animal abuse. According to the ASPCA ( The American Society for the Protection of Animals), there are two main types of animal abuse: Passive Cruelty and Active Cruelty.

Passive Cruelty consist of pure neglect of the animal. Although no physical abuse is involved, severe animal neglect can be very painful and even fatal to a pet. Lack of attention consist of starvation, dehydration due to lack of water, parasite infestations caused by unhealthy living conditions, poor shelter in harsh weather conditions, and lack of medical attention when needed.

The following graphs show the body condition of a pet who has not been fed due to neglect or being overfed fue to mistreatment. Being extremely skinny OR excesively obese are both unhealthy and dangerous for pets.

In many cases, passive cruelty is a cause of pure ignorance in the owners part. Therefore, it is crucial that you educate yourself in every way possible for the safety of your pet, and yourself.

Active Cruelty consist of harmful and abusive actions taken towards an animal. This intentional type of abuse is the most disturbing for the simple fact that it proves to show psychological problems in a person. According to the ASPCA,the most inhumane cases of animal abuse are caused by active cruelty.

Unlike in a case of passive cruelty, the investigator can determine if the damage was caused by pure ignorance or more and take action and removing the pet from the home, as to a case of active cruelty when you know exactly that the person causing the harm is doing it intentionally and gets a sense of pleasure and accomplishment from it.

Other acts of cruelty consist of hoarding(keeping a lot of animals in a certain area), poisoning and shooting.

It is tragic to see these types of incidents happening to innocent animals on a daily basis. But in order to make a difference, the community has to come together and let their voice be heard.


coolbeans81192 said...

animal cruelty should be enforced more. i hate abusers

alina ahmed said...

animal cruelty is ridiculous. i am writing a report on it. I can't believe what i have learned

aimee said...

it needs to be stopped who is keen